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1978 Dial American Cup
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New York, USA


Madison Square Garden


March 11-12

All-Around Gold Medalist

Natasha Tereschenko (USSR)

Preceded by

1977 American Cup

Succeeded by

1979 Dial American Cup

The 1978 Dial American Cup was held on March 11-12 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. This was the first year the American Cup was sponsored by Dial.


Rank Athlete Country
1st Natasha Tereschenko Flag of the Soviet Union.png USSR
2nd Kathy Johnson Flag of the United States of America.png USA
3rd Eva Mareckova Flag of the Czech Republic.png TCH
4 Vera Cerna Flag of the Czech Republic.png TCH
5 Marta Egervari Flag of Hungary.png HUN
6 Birgit Suesz Flag of East Germany.png GDR
7 Eva Kanyo Flag of Hungary.png HUN
8 Gabi Gheorghiu Flag of Romania.png ROU