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1986 McDonald's American Cup
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Fairfax, USA


Patriot Center


March 1-2

All-Around Gold Medalist

Kristie Phillips (USA)

Preceded by

1985 McDonald's American Cup

Succeeded by

1987 McDonald's American Cup

The 1986 McDonald's American Cup was held on March 1-2 at the Patriot Center in Fairfaix, Virginia.

List of Competitors


Rank Athlete Country
1st Kristie Phillips Flag of the United States of America.png USA
2nd Boriana Stoyanova Flag of Bulgaria.png BUL
3rd Irina Baraksanova Flag of the Soviet Union.png USSR
4 Zeng Yingzi Flag of China.png CHN
5 Mariana Tudor Flag of Romania.png ROU
6 Sabrina Mar Flag of the United States of America.png USA
7 Alena Drevjana Flag of the Czech Republic.png TCH
8 Andrea Ladanyi Flag of Hungary.png HUN