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1991 McDonald's American Cup
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Orlando, USA


TD Waterhouse Center


February 22-23

All-Around Gold Medalist

Betty Okino (USA)

Preceded by

1990 McDonald's American Cup

Succeeded by

1992 McDonald's American Cup

The 1991 McDonald's American Cup was held on February 22-23 at the TD Waterhouse Center in Orlando, Florida.

List of Competitors


Rank Athlete Country
1st Betty Okino Flag of the United States of America.png USA
2nd Kim Zmeskal Flag of the United States of America.png USA
3rd Ludmila Stovbchataya Flag of the Soviet Union.png USSR
4 Karine Boucher Flag of France.png FRA
5 Kylie Shadbolt Flag of Australia.png AUS
6 Sonia Fraguas Flag of Spain.png ESP
7 Zhang Xia Flag of China.png CHN
8 Stella Umeh Flag of Canada.png CAN