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1993 Chunichi Cup



All-Around Gold Medalist

Lavinia Miloşovici (ROU)

Preceded by

1992 Chunichi Cup

Succeeded by

1994 Chunichi Cup

The 1993 Chunichi Cup was held in Nagoya, Japan. Gymnasts from Belarus, China, Japan, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Ukraine and the United States competed.

Format of Competition

The competition took place on one day. All apparatus were contested.


Rank Athlete Country Total
1st Lavinia Miloşovici Flag of Romania.png ROU 39.225
2nd Gina Gogean Flag of Romania.png ROU 38.925
3rd Elena Piskun Flag of Belarus.png BLR 38.900
4 Natalia Kalinina Flag of Ukraine.png UKR 38.612
5 Sugawara Risa Flag of Japan.png JPN 38.250
6 Miura Hanako Flag of Japan.png JPN 37.925
7 Lu Li Flag of China.png CHN 37.862
8 Dina Kochetkova Flag of Russia.png RUS 37.825
9 Jamie Hill Flag of Canada.png CAN 37.775
10 Qiao Ya Flag of China.png CHN 37.550
11 Amanda Borden Flag of the United States of America.png USA 37.512
12 Arai Yuka Flag of Japan.png JPN 37.715
13 Samantha Muhleman Flag of the United States of America.png USA 37.162
14 Okawa Masumi Flag of Japan.png JPN 36.450
15 Han Na Jung Flag of South Korea.png KOR 35.900