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These gymnastics competitions took place in 2021. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some of these competitions were canceled as a safety precaution.

Month Competition Date
February Elite Canada 4th-7th
WOGA Classic 6th
Nastia Liukin Cup 26th
Winter Cup 26th-28th
March 1st Italian Serie A Nationale 6th
Russian Championships 8th-14th
2nd Italian Serie A Nationale 27th
April Russian Junior Championships 1st-4th
3rd Italian Serie A Nationale 10th
NCAA Gymnastics Championships 16th-17th
Japanese National Championships 15th-17th
Basel European Championships 21st-25th
American Classic 23rd-25th
May Chinese National Championships 4th-9th
Australian National Championships 13th-16th
Canadian National Championships 14th-23rd
NHK Cup 15th-16th
U.S. Classic 20th-23rd
Stella Zakharova Cup 20th-24th
African Championships 26th-27th
Varna World Cup 27th-30th
June Cairo World Cup 3rd-6th
German National Championships 3rd-6th
U.S. National Championships 3rd-7th
Pan American Championships 4th-6th
Japanese Individual National Championships 5th-6th
French National Championships 5th-6th
Russian Cup 6th-13th
Osijek World Cup 10th-13th
German Olympic Trials 12th
Junior Pan American Championships 18th-20th
Doha World Cup 23rd-26th
U.S. Olympic Trials 24th-27th
Flanders International Team Challenge 26th-27th
July Italian National Championships 10th-11th
Tokyo Olympic Games 23rd - Aug 8th
August Tokyo Olympic Games Jul 23rd - 8th
September Koper World Cup 2nd-5th
Mersin World Cup 10th-12th
Romanian National Championships 17th-19th
Shaanxi Chinese National Games 19th-26th
Brazilian National Championships 29th - Oct 3rd
October Brazilian National Championships Sep 29th - 3rd
Kitakyushu World Championships 18th-24th
November Arthur Gander Memorial 3rd
Olympic Hopes Cup 4th-6th
Swiss Cup Zürich 7th
Northern European Championships 12th-14th
Élite Gym Massilia 12th-14th
International Tournoi Combs-la-Ville 20th-21st
Cali Junior Pan American Games 25th - Dec 5th
British Championships 27th-28th
Top Gym 27th-28th
December Spanish National Championships 3rd-8th


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