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Long-time gymnastics fans use certain terms and abbreviations for certain things. The terminology from the Code of Points plus the various slang used by gym fans often make it sound like an entirely different language. Here is a Gymternet Dictionary with 78 pages of definitions.


Term Definition Abbrev. AKA Looks Like
Yurchenko vaulting style involving a round-off onto the springboard and a backflip onto the vaulting table N/A N/A Yurchenko.gif
Tsukahara vaulting style involving a handspring with a half turn onto the vaulting table to backflip off N/A Tsuk Tsukahara.gif
full-in full twisting double tuck back somersault N/A N/A Gehpj.gif
piked full-in full twisting double pike back somersault PFI N/A Gepax.gif
double double double twisting double tuck back somersault N/A N/A Geoly.gif
triple double triple twisting double tuck back somersault N/A Biles 2 BilesII.gif
1/1 full twist N/A N/A Geh5g.gif
3/2 one and a half twists N/A N/A Geh7z.gif
2/1 double twist N/A double full Gehc9.gif
5/2 two and a half twists N/A N/A Gehef.gif
3/1 triple twist N/A triple full Gepec.gif
7/2 three and a half twists N/A N/A Gehiw.gif
CI competition where only the team competition is contested N/A N/A N/A
CII competition where only the all-around is contested N/A N/A N/A
CIII competition where only the individual event finals are contested N/A N/A N/A


Abbreviation Definition AKA Looks Like
FTY full-twisting Yurchenko N/A Straight Yurchenko with full twist.gif
DTY double-twisting Yurchenko N/A Straight Yurchenko with double twist.gif
TTY triple-twisting Yurchenko N/A TTY.gif
this skill is not currently in the Code of Points; the gif comes from a video edited to essentially create the TTY
DLO double layout N/A Gfrh7.gif
1/1 DLO full-twisting double layout N/A Nvv9x.gif
2/1 DLO double-twisting double layout N/A Gfllh.gif
BHS back handspring N/A Ge18o.gif
FHS front handspring N/A Ge0wc.gif
LOSO layout step-out N/A Gg4mp.gif
QF qualification round qualifications, preliminary round, prelims, quals N/A
TF team final N/A N/A
AA all-around N/A N/A
EF event final N/A N/A
VT vault N/A N/A
UB uneven bars AB - asymmetric bars N/A
BB balance beam N/A N/A
FX floor exercise N/A N/A
CV connection value CB - connection bonus learn more here
SV start value DV - difficulty value learn more here
SB series bonus N/A learn more here