Injuries are a sad reality of the sport and they happen on a pretty frequent basis. This page will track all injuries of current gymnasts. Gymnasts will be removed from this page when they return to competition, whether international or domestic, or if they medically retire.

Short Term

Gymnast Country Injury Date Recovery SRC
Shilese Jones Flag of the United States of America USA unknown 9/21/19 resumed training by 12/13/19 [1][2]
Jordan Chiles Flag of the United States of America USA wrist surgery 10/4/19 resumed training by 10/22/19 [3][4]

Long Term

Gymnast Country Injury Date Recovery SRC
Courtney McGregor Flag of New Zealand NZL torn Achilles tendon 1/12/20 minimum eight months [5]
Jade Barbosa Flag of Brazil BRA torn ACL 10/5/19 minimum nine months [6]
Kirsten Polderman Flag of the Netherlands NED torn ACL 6/16/19 minimum nine months [7]
Rebeca Andrade Flag of Brazil BRA torn ACL 6/8/19 resumed training by 10/30/19 [8][9]
Leonie Meier Flag of Switzerland SUI torn ACL 3/28/19 minimum nine months [10]
Larisa Iordache Flag of Romania ROU torn Achilles tendon 10/4/17 ongoing recovery after 9/10/18 surgery [11][12]


Gymnast Country Injury Date SRC
Kelly Simm Flag of Great Britain GBR unknown 10/22/19 [13]
Ellie Black Flag of Canada CAN sprained ankle 10/10/19 [14]
Yamilet Peña Flag of the Dominican Republic DOM unknown 10/4/19 [15]
Carolyne Pedro Flag of Brazil BRA unknown 9/30/19 [16]
Angelina Simakova Flag of Russia RUS unknown 9/24/19 [17]
Coline Devillard Flag of France FRA ankle 9/16/19 [18]
Tabea Alt Flag of Germany GER back pain 6/15/19 [19]
Aliya Mustafina Flag of Russia RUS torn ankle ligament 6/3/19 [20]
Vanessa Ferrari Flag of Italy ITA leg surgery 4/16/19 [21]
Axelle Klinckaert Flag of Belgium BEL knee injury 4/2/19 [22]
Dipa Karmakar Flag of India IND knee injury 3/16/19 [23]
Michelle Timm Flag of Germany GER unknown 3/5/19 [24]
Kiara Munteanu Flag of Australia AUS unknown 10/10/18 [25]
Ana Maria Ocolişan Flag of Romania ROU ankle injury 8/1/18 [26]


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