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Injuries are a sad reality of the sport and they happen on a pretty frequent basis. This page will track all injuries of current gymnasts. Gymnasts will be removed from this page when they return to competition, whether international or domestic, or if they medically retire.

Short Term

Gymnast Country Injury Date Recovery SRC

Long Term

Gymnast Country Injury Date Recovery SRC
Hatakeda Hitomi Flag of Japan.png JPN spinal injury 10/20/21 discharged from the hospital on 10/26/21 [1][2]
Claudia Fragapane Flag of Great Britain.png GBR foot 9/27/2021 resumed training as of 10/24/21 [3][4]
Alice Kinsella Flag of Great Britain.png GBR torn ankle ligaments late July 2021 resumed training as of 10/8/21 [5][6]
Danusia Francis Flag of Jamaica.png JAM torn ACL 7/25/2021 minimum nine months [7]
Emelie Petz Flag of Germany.png GER torn Achilles tendon 7/20/21 minimum eight months [8]
Thais Fidelis Flag of Brazil.png BRA torn Achilles tendon 5/28/21 minimum eight months [9]
Marta Pihan-Kulesza Flag of Poland.png POL torn ACL 4/23/21 resumed training as of 8/26/2021 [10][11]
Lorette Charpy Flag of France.png FRA torn ACL and meniscus 3/15/21 resumed training as of 9/23/2021 [12][13]
Maria Kharenkova Flag of Georgia.png GEO torn Achilles tendon 3/11/21 minimum eight months [14]
Ana Perez Campos Flag of Spain.png ESP broken ankles 1/9/21 resumed training as of 10/1/21 [15][16]
Boglárka Dévai Flag of Hungary.png HUN torn ACL 10/20/20 minimum nine months [17]
Claire Pontlevoy Flag of France.png FRA torn ACL 2/8/20 expected to return 12/12/20 [18][19]
Kirsten Polderman Flag of the Netherlands.png NED torn ACL 6/16/19 resumed training as of 1/24/20 [20][21]
Leonie Meier Flag of Switzerland.png SUI torn ACL 3/28/19 expected to return 3/20/20 [22][23]
Dipa Karmakar Flag of India.png IND knee 3/16/19 resumed training as of 6/25/20 [24][25]
Michelle Timm Flag of Germany.png GER unknown 3/5/19 resumed training as of 8/31/20 [26][27]


Gymnast Country Injury Date SRC
Olivia Greaves Flag of the United States of America.png USA injured 11/7/21 [28]
Anina Wildi Flag of Switzerland.png SUI pelvic injury 10/16/21 [29]
Yeo Seo-Jeong Flag of South Korea.png KOR back injury 10/10/21 [30]
Sophie Scheder Flag of Germany.png GER fractured foot 9/21/21 [31]
Viktoria Listunova Flag of Russia.png RUS elbow injury July [32]
Aleksandra Shchekoldina Flag of Russia.png RUS leg/ ankle/ foot injury unknown [33]
Laurie Hernandez Flag of the United States of America.png USA torn meniscus 6/4/21 [34][35]