Maxi Gnauck
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Gnauck at the 1980 Olympic Games

Country represented

Flag of East Germany East Germany


October 10 1964 (1964-10-10) (age 55)
Berlin, West Germany

Current status


Maxi Gnauck (born October 10, 1964 in Berlin, East Germany) is a retired artistic gymnast. With a total of 27 medals at the Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cups, and European Championships she is considered one of the most successful woman gymnast that Germany has ever produced. Her parents were expecting a boy and they planned to name him Max so, when the baby turned out to be a girl, they simply added an i.

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When Maxi was 5, Her mother took her to a gymnastics centre in their area. By age 8, Maxi had won her first medals at the Kreisspartakiade. When she was 9 she transferred to the Club SC Dynamo Berlin, where she was coached by Jurgen Heritz. Considered one of the best Uneven Bars workers of her time, Maxi was also a super tumbler. She was one of the first girls to perform a triple twist on Floor.

In April 1986, Maxi officially announced her retirement and began studying to become a coach. During 1988, Maxi was severely injured while sliding down a waterslide while she was working as an aid at a children's summer camp by the Baltic Sea. Maxi broke her C5 vertebra and was nearly paralyzed. Three vertebrae were later reinforced with a metal plate.

Since 1993 Maxi has worked as a full-time coach at the Norderstedt Gymnastics Center in Hamburg. In 2000, she was inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame, She is the first German gymnast to be awarded that honor.

Medal Count

Year Event TF AA VT UB BB FX
1978Chunichi Cup4
1979East German Championships2nd2nd1st51st
Dial American Cup2nd
Cottbus International1st
International Mixed Pairs1st
Copenhagen European Championships2nd3rd
Fort Worth World Championships3rd2nd1st
1980East German Nationals4
Toronto World Cup Final2nd1st1st
Cottbus International1st1st1st1st
Moscow Olympic Games3rd2nd1st3rd
1981Cottbus International1st2nd1st2nd1st
Madrid European Championships1st2nd1st1st1st
Moscow World Championships3rd1st1st1st
1982East German Championships1st
Zagreb World Cup Final1st3rd
1983Budapest World Championships3rd1st
Chunichi Cup4
Cottbus International3rd1st1st
Tokyo Cup1st1st
1984East German Championships1st3rd1st51st
Cottbus International41st1st
DTB Cup1st2nd1st51st
Olomouc Friendship Games2nd3rd3rd1st1st
1985Cottbus International2nd2nd1st1st
Helsinki European Championships2nd3rd

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