Zinaida Voronina
Zinaida voronina
Voronina at the 1968 Olympic Games

Country represented

Flag of the Soviet Union USSR


Zinaida Borisovna Druzhinina
December 10, 1947
Yoshkar-Ola, Russian SFSR, USSR


March 17, 2001 (aged 53)

Current status


Zinaida Voronina, born Zinaida Borisovna Druzhinina (also Druginina) (Russian: Зинаида Борисовна Дружинина Воронина) (10 December 1947 – 17 March 2001) was a Soviet gymnast who competed at the European, World, and Olympic level from the mid 1960s to early 1970s. She was born in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia.

Voronina's major debut came at the 1966 World Championships in Dortmund, Germany, where, as a member of the 1966 Soviet team, she also won a bronze medal on the floor exercise with an enthusiastically received 9.933, which was the highest individual score of any gymnast - male or female - at those games. (Due to scores carried over from the team competition, Natalia Kuchinskaya and Věra Čáslavská placed higher than Voronina in the medal standings.)

She went on to further successes at the European and Olympic level, winning several individual medals over the next 4 years, most notably at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics where she won the individual all-around silver behind Caslavska.

Around the time of the 1968 games, she married fellow soviet gymnast, European and World All-Around Champion and Olympic Vault and High Bar Champion Mikhail Voronin. She had a child with him shortly thereafter and came back to further successes at the 1970 World Championships, among other games. She attempted to make the Soviet team for the 1972 Olympics, but in a deep field including Ludmilla Tourischeva, Olga Korbut, and Tamara Lazakovich, she only placed 10th in the individual all-around at that year's USSR Championships and did not make it onto the team for that summer's games in Munich.

Saddled with a very difficult childhood (alcoholic mother, father she never met), Voronina's post-competitive life was punctuated by, as a gymnastics coach, struggling with alcoholism. She was divorced from her husband, Mikhail, in 1980, and spent the remainder of her years working in a factory in Balashikha, Russia, dying in March 2001 at the age of 53 years old.

In 1969, she was awarded the Soviet award for gymnasts, "Order of the Badge of Honor".

Medal Count

Year Event TF AA VT UB BB FX
1966Dortmund World Championships2nd3rd
USSR Cup3rd3rd2nd
1967Amsterdam European Championships2nd3rd3rd
USSR Championships2nd3rd3rd3rd
1968Mexico City Olympic Games1st2nd3rd3rd
USSR Cup1st
USSR Championships1st2nd
1970Ljubljana World Championships1st3rd3rd3rd
USSR Cup2nd2nd3rd3rd3rd
USSR Championships1st2nd
1971Chunichi Cup11
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